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Blending Seminar with Jose Blanco May 11th

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Join us Thursday May 11th 6PM to 8PM for an evening with Jose Blanco, Master Blender with EP Carrillo Cigars.

Ticket price is $30.00, there is limited seating so get yours now. Included in the $30.00 ticket is the Blending Seminar, 3 EP Carrillo Cigars, and a Lagunitas Beer.

Perdomo Humidor Raffle

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From now until December purchase at least 4 Perdomo 20th Anniversary Cigars and get a raffle ticket for the Limited Edition Humidor valued at $5000.00

Only 500 made, storage capacity is 200 large ring gauge cigars.

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Cigar of The Week: Ezra Zion Eminence

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August 19th, 2015.



Since their debut at the IPCPR in 2012, Ezra Zion has been hard at work creating new products that are taking the cigar industry by storm with a modest yet passionate portfolio, ranging from cigars, coffee and mustache wax.

The Ezra Zion Eminence is a Mexican San Andres Maduro complimented by 5 year old Cuban Seed Nicaraguan blend for their 1st and 2nd binders. Boasting a deep chocolate and molasses profile with a pleasant pepper finish, this Medium to full coffee-colored cigar is one you can't miss and has earned a rightful place as our Cigar of The Week.

Montecristo White Series cigar Review.

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By Sam Schuster on March 31st, 2015.

Montecristo.jpgMontecristo is a brand in little need of introductions, claiming space in nearly every humidor, this company has etched its name deeply in the history of cigars. Much like those cigars, the memory of Ed O'Reilly, husband, father and dear friend of the 21 family will be embedded in minds and hearts of all who knew him for years to come.
This review is more than a look in to this legendary brand; it's also a look in to an amazing man who smoked them.

Cigar Reviewed: Montecristo White Series

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan

First Impressions:

With a simple white band complementing the light brown of the cigar, the Montecristo White Series certainly keeps up the old school style in a good way. The foot has a nice light aroma of hay and wheat, mildly sweet and airy it culminates to a rather nice scent. The construction is impressive as well; almost seamless with no major veins it's smooth to the touch, firm but with a little give. Cold draw is primarily hay muddled with vanilla bean sweetness.


The Montecristo White Series lights up beautifully with a very easy draw, first few minutes start out with the a fore mentioned hay, a sweet spice in the foreground plays a huge role as it blends interestingly with an almond finish. Clean and crisp it makes a very light and wispy introduction.

Heating up:

About half way down, the cigar begins to lose most of its sweet spice as it takes on a more toasted cereal flavor. it's held to this point at a steady mild bodied cigar, however as you spend more time it picks up ever so slightly in strength, climbing its way to not much more than a mild to medium body. So far the Montecristo White Series would make a great stick for breakfast.

The Home Stretch:

The last few minutes with the Montecristo have been enjoyable to say the least, consistent and well-crafted it makes for a very pleasing companion to have with a cup of coffee in the morning, or maybe a nice beer after a long day. Light and airy with no shortage of flavor the White Series is crisp, clean, and sharp as a tack. It makes you really think about the cigar in order to understand what it's all about.

While Eddie's fondness of this cigar was profound, he was more even more fond of the folks he smoked them with. Being a regular at our humble lounge since the early days of its start, and having a knack for storytelling; he became fast friends with not only all who worked there, but all who came in for a smoke as well.

Being a retired gentleman he spent most of his time at the race tracks, betting the ponies with a cigar in one hand, and a drink in the other. Friendly and outgoing, and just as quick with a joke as he was with a handshake, Eddie truly understood the kinship of cigars. A legend in his own right, he will be truly missed at 21 degrees. Rest assured whenever someone lights up a Montecristo at 21, it will be with thoughts of Eddie.

See you at the races, Eddie.


wpid-2015020195114305.jpgEd O'Reilly.

1931 - 2015.

Ashton Grand Tour of Cigars.

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asdStarting February10th to March 20th we will be hosting the Ashton Grand Tour, a great new way to try some of the worlds finest cigars by Ashton.

The tour consists of 3 legs of 4 cigars, with a free giveaway at the end of each leg. After all legs are completed, you will be entered to win a free box of Ashton ESG.

You may complete each leg by buying all four cigars at once, or you may buy one at a time over the course of the tour until you reach the end (we will track your progress as you go). Visit us at 21 degrees, the valleys finest cigar lounge and take advantage of this wonderful tour of Ashton cigars.

Cigar Aficionado Top 10 Cigars for 2014

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The list is out, these are the top 10 cigars for 2014 as listed by Cigar Aficionado.

1. Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado

2. E P Carrillo La Historia E-III

3.Illusion Fume d'Amour Clementes

4. Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial (Tubo)

5. Rocky Patel Royale Toro

6. Opus X PerfecXion X

7. Padron Family Reserve 50th Maduro

8. Ashton Estate Sun Grown 22- Year Salute

9. Monte by Montecristo Jacopo No.2

10. A. Flores 1975 Serie Privada Capa Habano


What a great list, and this year no Cuban cigars in the top 10.

Lite them up and enjoy.

Flores y Rodriguez 10th Anniversary Reserva Limitada Cigar Review.

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Flores y Rodriguez 10th Anniversary Reserva Limitada

PDR cigars has made quite a name for itself in the past ten years. A boutique brand with a modest, yet diverse selection of blends, PDR has made their latest Flores y Rodriguez 10th Anniversary Reserva Limitada in commemoration of their past decade in the cigar game. To say PDR has had a successful 10 years would be an understatement. Having made several cigars to make last years Top 25 Cigars of the world, it's no wonder people are taking notice. 

Released this past summer at the IPCPR show in Las Vegas, the Flores y Rodriguez 10th Anniversary Reserva Limitada boasts a Habano Ecuadorian Wrapper with an Olor Dominican Republic Binder, and a 7-year old Piloto Cubano leaf complimented by Nicaraguan Jalapa Valley Filler. Keeping with an old-world ideal, the FyR 10th Anniversary comes in three classic Cuban Sizes; Robusto- 5 x 52, Grand Toro- 6 x 54 and finally the Wide Churchill-5 1/8 X 58. A good amount of buzz has surrounded this cigar, so I figured a review would be in order. So let's see how it holds up under fire (no pun intended)



  • Cigar Reviewed: Flores y Rodriguez 10th Anniversary Reserva Limitada
  • Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
  • Factory: Tamporil, Dominican Republic
  • Wrapper: Habano Ecuadorian
  • Binder: Olor Dominican Republic
  • Filler: 7-year old Piloto Cuban, Nicaraguan Jalapa
  • Size: Wide Churchill (5 1/8 X 58)


First Impression:

The Appearance of the FyR 10th Anniversary is elegant to say the least, it's white and green band with a smaller black and gold one paint a picture of the refinement, and an air of ceremony. Coffee and cream colored, it's smooth wrapper is subtle with an aroma of a musky, almost leather scent with a note of wood, an all around great smelling stick. The cold draw gives off flavors of earth and yeast, a slight cocoa can be noticed in the background. It's firm to the touch with just a slight give, sturdy yet subtle.


First puff of the Flores y Rodriguez 10th Anniversary is a blast of complex flavors, most noticeable one is spice radiating across the palate. Taste of vanilla and cream linger after the exhale, soothing your palate, almost giving you a respite for the next blow of spice. Subtle suggestions of wood and yeast as well make it a unique flavor.

Heating up:

As time passes with the FyR 10th Anniversary, the spice begins to settle, it's hard to say if the blend of the cigar changes, or if ones palate acclimates to the boldness of the taste. Whichever it is, it's been a smoke that has kept my attention. Despite its robust profile, the Flores y Rodriguez 10th Anniversary is not much more than a medium-full stick, the draw is desirable and steady pulling a fair amount of smoke. It's creamy vanilla notes play a bigger role in the cigar, still blending with the spice in an interesting way.

The Home Stretch:

As we come toward the end, all traces of spice and complexity are gone, instead is a very simple and lovely taste of cream and leather remain in the Flores Y Rodriquez. Musky and relaxed, it envelopes your palate in a heavy warm blanket of just overall great tasting tobacco.

Final thoughts:

It goes without saying that PDR has done it again with the FyR 10th Anniversary. It's complex beginning and simple ending make it a cigar anyone can enjoy. Carefully crafted with wonderful flavors, it's a stick I'm sure many will

smoke again and again. Hey... I know I will.


Flores y Rodriguez 10th Anniversary Reserva Limitada

Happy Halloween

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Freddie and Freddie Jr. (Sam) all ready for Halloween.

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